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Welcome to Norwood on Film!
Find your ideal Massachusetts filming location in Norwood!

Norwood is a thriving town in the Metro-Boston area. Centrally located between Boston and Providence, Norwood provides diverse filming location types, welcoming residents and businesses, and collaborative government agencies. Our town offers a variety of housing accommodations for crew and talent and many options for setting up production offices and base camp. It is an ideal filming location for your film, television, or photo project. 

Norwood, Massachusetts 02062

Latitude: 42˚ 11' 39" N

Longitude: 71˚ 12' 1" W

Altitude: 124 feet

As measured on our beautiful town center common.

Location Types

Norwood has diverse filming location types from country to urban, from quaint to modern to industrial.

Click here to see our gallery of location photos.


There is a variety of traditional suburban, single family, multi-family homes, and large apartment complexes, in colonial, federalist, Victorian, mid-century, and contemporary styles.


Building styles range from our gothic town hall with a working carillon tower to dystopian factories, from strip malls to charming stand-alone shops.


There are downtown stores and offices, modern and old-style mill industrial parks, shopping centers, car dealerships, manufacturing facilities, and medical offices.

Restaurants and Bars

You will find family owned, local, chain, ethnic, fine-dining restaurants, traditional pubs, and contemporary bars.


The town offers streams, rivers, ponds, walking trails, meadows, forests and more.


There are freeways, highways, main streets, back roads, cul-de-sacs, residential streets, alleys, dams, bridges, and dirt roads.


Norwood is located on Route 95 and Route 1 just minutes from Route 90.

We have reliable public transportation including bus lines and three commuter rail stations.

Norwood Memorial Airport welcomes private aircraft including fixed wing and helicopters and serves local,

regional, and national needs. These make Norwood a convenient location for filming.

Movies Shot in Norwood

Some of the productions that have used Norwood, Massachusetts as a filming location include:


The Judge

Labor Day

The Mothership

About Fate


A Showstopping Christmas

     (A Playful Romance)






Joe Collins

Town of Norwood

Economic Development Director

781-762-1240 ext. 6090

Jonathan Cardoni

Norwood on Film

Project Director


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