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Working with Norwood

How can we help?


The Town of Norwood has many great locations for filming or commercial photography but, we also have friendly residents and cooperative and collaborative town departments. We will help you find just the right location, arrange for security and safety needs, help locate production office space and guide you through any permit processing,

Will you use pyrotechnics or light and equipment rigging? Do you have special power needs? Norwood Fire Department, our Building Department and Light Department will help with permitting and on-site services.


The town has many convenient areas, both public and private, for use as Base Camp. There are empty commercial spaces, municipal parking lots, open park areas, and more. If you need trailers on the street our Department of Public Works will block space and our Police Department will keep them clear.


If you need photographs of locations, browse through the gallery here. If you would like additional photographs of a location or you don’t see just what you need, contact Norwood on Film directly. We will arrange to have photos taken here in Norwood or the surrounding area.


Contacting Us:

You can contact the Town Economic Development Director, Joe Collins or Norwood on Film Project Director, Jonathan Cardoni. Either will help make your scouting and production experience seamless and smooth.

Joe Collins

Town of Norwood

Economic Development Director

781-762-1240 ext. 6090


Jonathan Cardoni

Norwood on Film

Project Director


Town Departments

Department of Public Works

Chris Casavant

General Foreman


Police Department

Christopher Padden, Esq.

Deputy Chief of Police


Fire Department

David Hayes



Health Department

Stacy Lane



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